Make & Create with Wick'd

Alex Hawkins is the Founder of Make & Create with Wick'd
Alex's journey started 11 years ago establishing Australian Candle Brand, Wick'd Candles. Through this process, it was evident the need to educate through creation.
Make & Create was born from the idea of taking candle making to Children through workshops.
When Covid hit, we moved our workshop model to an at home experience through our Kits. 
We now offer creativity through a variety of kits and workshops.
Vacation Care Programs and Incursions?
We offer incursions for Schools, Child Care Centres, Vacation Care and Community Groups in Sydney.
We offer DIY Incursion kits that can be ordered and delivered in time for school holidays. Why book a workshop when you can order a kit and run your own incursions in-house! click here to see our kits
Looking for something different at your next Team Building event?
I know from my many conferences, development days and training sessions, it can be a long day, with lots of information!
At the half way point you're feeling a bit tired and needing a change in scenery to make it through..
Why not change it up with a candle making activity in the break!
It shifts people's thinking for just enough time to freshen them up for the afternoon session.. and they get creative and take something home from the day!
We can cater for small and large number of attendees.
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